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Japanese Grammar for JLPT Level 4

The JLPT N4 level consists of advanced Japanese grammar. As compared to N5 level the N4 level Japanese grammar is a little complicated. But, if you start studying it from now then it is possible for you to score excellent marks in the grammar part of the dokkai section in the JLPT exam. Daily practice of grammar will bring perfection to you. But do make sure that you are thorough and comfortable with N5 level Japanese grammar.

Always keep it in mind that while we learn Japanese grammar of a higher level we also make use of the earlier level grammar. In other words, now we will learn N4 level grammar but this does not mean that we will not use N5 level grammar and we forget it. The N4 level makes use of all the participles, adjectives, adverbs, Japanese plain form of verbs and polite form of verbs. By combining these elements a new set of grammar rules and sentence patterns are formed.

As told earlier the grammar of JLPT N4 level grammar has more number of sentence patterns to be learned. By sentence pattern it means there are particular sentence structures which are used only in a particular way. These sentence patterns follow a rule which in return helps us to form meaningful sentences. As we proceed further you will realize that if you remember these sentence patterns properly then you will not encounter any difficulty in answering the questions related to grammar in the exam. There are some hints or clues hidden for almost all sentence patterns which once understood can make your task of answering the questions easy.

In this section of Japanese grammar for JLPT N4 level we have divided the grammar into different lessons. We have done this basically to avoid confusion and also have tried to make things simpler so that you are able to learn grammar more accurately and quickly. Each lesson will have a few new sentence patterns to be learnt. For each sentence pattern we have provided you with related examples so that the grammar is clear to you. Once you have understood the use and structure of a particular sentence, try forming your own sentences using the grammar. This is the best way of practicing and learning grammar. In addition whatever is possible try writing it in kanji. Do not rush into reading all the chapters in a very short span of time. This would lead to not understanding the grammar properly and you may even lose interest. So to avoid this take your time and read the lessons carefully. Read each lesson one at a time and once you have completely understood the grammar of one lesson and then only proceed to the next. We have also included conversations wherever possible for your better understanding. In addition there are tables of verbs included to show how the verbs are to be changed into a particular form.

There are exercises which we have provided for your practice. The answers of the question are also available for you to check how much percent of grammar have you understood and also for you to know in which part of grammar you are weak. By regular practice and hard work I am very sure that you will easily score cent percent in the grammar section of JLPT exam paper. Start studying from today if you donít wish to pile up your studies for the last minute and to avoid the immense tension and pressure one faces as the exam comes closer and closer.

Following are the Japanese grammar lessons to study for the JLPT level N4 exam.

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