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JLPT Level 2

The JLPT level N2 has a higher difficulty level but at the same time it is very interesting to study this level. One of the main reasons behind this is that by learning the grammar, kanji and vocabulary of this level we come closer to this language. This level further deepens your knowledge about Japanese language.

In this level we will learn a more advanced level of Japanese grammar. The number of kanji and their respective jyukugo is also high. If you wish to appear for the JLPT N2 exam this year then you really need to study very hard and sincerely. The difficulty level of the previous JLPT level N5 and N4 was not at all high. However the JLPT level N3 give you a glimpse of the amount of studies which is required. The JLPT N2 level was called as “nikyu” according to the old pattern. As mentioned earlier also, the syllabus of level N3 is also included in this level. This means that you have to be thorough with the grammar, kanji and vocabulary of level N3 as well as N2 when you appear for the JLPT exam of N2 level. The way the grammar lessons were provided to you for the N3 level in the same way for level N2 also we have divided the grammar into small lessons. Each lesson will teach you some new sentence patterns. As far as kanji is concerned for each kanji its respective onyoumi and kunyoumi readings are provided along with the jyukugos and their meanings.

The kanji and the jyukugos of this level are very important as they are used very frequently in written Japanese. It is a very good practice to always write the kanji and study it. This method helps you in fast memorization and the kanji stays in your mind forever. This is one of the methods of studying kanji. The other methods would be making placards, playing a jigsaw puzzle or even a quiz. When it comes to memorizing grammar or sentence patterns, it is always important to first understand it meaning clearly. The next step would be to see its uses and the exact structure how it should be used. Once you have clearly understood all this always try and make at least one example of your own using that sentence pattern. This will help you to thoroughly memorize the grammar. In addition you should compulsorily read all the sentence patterns at least once every day.

Vocabulary is another very important part of the JLPT exams. If you are thorough with the grammar you will not face any difficulty while giving the answers. One of the important sources of vocabulary is the jyukugos of various kanjis. Vocabulary also includes the various i-adjective and na-adjective, adverbs, pronouns, onomatopoeia and many other words. So let’s now start studying the syllabus of JLPT N2 level online by reading the various lessons provided on our site. We provide you with all the necessary grammar along with its explanation in simple language and some related examples of each. In addition to this we also give you a complete list of all the required kanjis and their respective jyukugos. Hence, all the best to all of you for the N2 level studies and also for the JLPT exams.

Introduction to JLPT 2 grammer Lessons

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