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Japanese language is being learned by lots of people in recent times. It has become one of the popular foreign languages learnt in many different parts of the world. People learning Japanese have to appear for an exam held in all the member countries of the Japan Foundation ant Japan Educational Exchange and Services. These exams are known as the Japanese language proficiency test or in short JLPT.

The main aim of JLPT is to find the proficiency level of an individual learning Japanese in speaking, reading, writing and grammar. All these skills are examined in these exams. Till the year 2009 there were only 4 levels of JLPT. However, this has been revised to 5 levels from the year 2010. For further information you can visit our page which will give you more information about these certification exams. In this section we will learn JLPT level N4 online. Our website will help and guide you in preparing yourself for the JLPT N4 exam. Similar to the N5 exam this level also consists of three sections namely vocabulary and kanji section, listening section and finally grammar and reading section. These three sections are called "mojigoi", "chyoukai" and "dokkai" in Japanese. The N4 level of JLPT is similar to the earlier sankyu level. The level of grammar is a little advanced as compared to N4. As we have learnt the different particles in N5, now we will learn more of sentence patterns wherein N5 grammar will also be used. The grammar of N4 has more number of sentence patterns and mainly makes use of the plain form of verbs. Therefore it is compulsory for you to know all the plain forms of a ver. You should know that which verb belongs to which group and respectively how to change them from one form to the other. Unless and until you are not thorough with this it is an advice not to proceed for the N4 level studies.

As far as kanji is concerned there are approximately 600 new kanjis to be learnt. You will come across more number of jyukugo while your study. It is very important that you memorize all the kanjis and their jyukugo very properly. The reason behind this is that in the exam you will find kanjis in both mojigoi and dokkai sections. If you donít remember the kanji or jyukugo then it will be difficult for you to mark the correct answer. Another essential suggestion would be to read and answer as many comprehensions as possible. In case your reading speed is slow then this practice of reading will help you improve your speed. In addition you will start understanding that which words or sentences are important in the passage which will help you answer the related questions.

There are different methods of different people to solve the comprehensions in the exam. Some people prefer to first read the whole passage and then answer the questions. On the other hand, there are people who like to read the passage and simultaneously answer the questions. Both the ways are right but it completely depends on you to select the one you are comfortable with. You will come to know this through practice only. There are no rules as such for chyoukai section. You need to know the vocabulary very well for scoring well this section. In addition, while listening to the conversation keep a habit of noting down the important words or points for your reference while answering the questions. Our site provides you with the list of kanji and grammar lessons which covers the entire syllabus of JLPT N4 level. As the exam is conducted in December it is better to start preparing from today itself. Make a schedule of how you would proceed with your studies and make sure you do follow it sincerely. If you follow your schedule it is not at all difficult to clear the JLPT exam with flying colors. So, All the Best for your studies and preparation of JLPT level N4 exam.

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