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N5 Kanji List for JLPT Level

Following is the list of kanjis for the JLPT level N5. The table below consists of the main kanji, its onyoumi and kunyoumi and finally its meaning. A single kanji can have more than one pronunciation and more than one meaning. There are a few kanjis which have only kunyoumi reading or only onyoumi reading. While listing the kanjis or also in Kanji dictionaries you will always observe that Onyoumi reading is always written in katakana and the Kunyoumi reading is always written in hiragana. One important point to remember while studying kanjis is that, you will observe that while writing the kunyoumi reading in many kanjis there are words written before a dot and few written after the dot. The words written after the dot are changeable or modifiable. The main pronunciation of the kanji is the words written before the dot. However, it is very important to learn both the readings of the given kanji.

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