About Us

Learnjapanesefree.com program is in existence form near about 5 years. The objective of this site is to provide information about Japanese language and it’s related. We want to build such website which contains meaningful information and learn Japanese is one of them. The goal of this site is to give more and more information about Japanese and Japanese related scripts like hiragana, katakana, kanji etc. This website is liable to give information about JLPT.

Learnjapanesefree.com is successful learning site because…

  • You can find JLPT level for practicing JLPT.
  • Here is fresh up-to-date data which bridge the gap between textbook and you.
  • This site provides abundance of interesting reading material.
  • This site can stand alone as a teaching site.
  • We provide free learning materials that are full of information and variety.