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Asking Directions in Japanese

This chapter will show you how should you ask for directions in japanese.

Japanese Version

A: Sumimasen.
B:  Hai.
A: Kono chikaku ni denwa ga arimasu ka.
B: Denwa nara kono biru no nikai ni arimasu.
Shokudou no mae desu kara sugu wakarimasu yo.
A: Doomo.
B: Iie.

C: Ano, sumimasen.
D: Hai.
C: Toshokan wa doko deshou ka.
D: Asoko ni ookii biru ga arimasu ne.
Toshokan wa ano biru no tonari desu.
Gofun gurai desu yo.
C: Doomo arigatou gozaimashita.
D:  Doo itashimashite.

English Version

A: Excuse me.
B: Yes.
A:  Is there a telephone nearby?
B: The telephone is on the second floor of this building.
It is in front of the cafeteria , you won't miss it.
A:  Thanks.
B: Not at all.

C: Excuse me.
D: Yes.
C: Could you tell me where the library is?
D: There is a big building over there, you see?
The library is next to that building.
  It takes about five minutes.
C: Thank you very much.
D:  You are welcome.

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